Intense ongoing R&D activity is the backbone of BEA products, with an average life range of six months to three years. The Company addresses the current need for innovation with large investment in design-dedicated human resources. 60% of Group employees are highly qualified dedicated technicians. They make up a team engaged in developing state of the art applications from all aspects of telecommunication industry and adapting the latest developments to suit customer’s requirements.


The driving force for any of our new product is market research. An affinity with our customers, means that our Marketing Division can identify their operating and equipments needs quickly. Once solution is agreed its implementation goes through a process aimed to conceive reliable solutions: pre-production feasibility, testing, Alfa Test prototyping, feature checking, Customer feedback supporting Beta Testing and then manufacture procedure definition followed by final inspection. Together with its leading products, the Company is developing an international facility by establishing agreements with expert partners in different technological applications and intense in-house R&D activity. BEA guarantees products of top quality. The Company is Uni En Iso 9001:2000 certified.


The Marketing Division plays a vital role in Company growth. In a market increasingly demanding innovation, BEA has developed its sales network with the best current marketing skills and will always be in the fore front of the most significant business appointments worldwide. BEA’s development policy is based on its partnership with its distributors in key areas over 5 continents, each of these trading exclusively the most attractive products for each local context and managing Customer relationships with careful after Sales Service. The extensive in-depth training that BEA provides to all its commercial partners with, by transferring all tools needed for End User satisfaction and fidelity, made all this possible. BEA has 2 major bases: Turin and Milan.


So much of what BEA’s activity is; now we come to how to achieve, the accent is on personalisation. Customising is a consolidated BEA practice which means offering our Customers the means to modify any existing product or to redesign a new one based on any Customer’s needs. The same is true for our service and training applications. This highly flexible and adaptable approach is possible because Bea is versatile and responsible for each step in the innovative design and development and can therefore act with speed to achieve the most satisfactory result. Thinking from the Customer’s standpoint depends on intuitive listening, understanding the current needs, as well as being aware of critical operational requirements by proposing valid, sustainable, fast and quality solutions.


BEA’s round the clock Call Centre guarantees full technical support by specialised operators, who do not just offer consultancy over the phone, but are also available for visits whenever needed.
BEA’s strongest points are a speedy response and the quality of support. This has made the Company a leader in its field, able to guarantee the same response wherever it is present.


Training courses on BEA’s products, aspects of security and all various issues involved are today’s frontier. BEA is carrying on these activities, conceived in order to deliver a highly customisable product and service, in an innovative and competent way.