About BEA

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BEA S.r.l. was founded in 1993 by a group of applied electronics engineers, with considerable and prestigious production experience to their credit, quickly winning, within a niche sector in the security products field, a highly regarded and esteemed degree of success in Italy and the rest of the world. Very quickly, therefore, from an artisan structure, the company succeeded in conquering a leading position for itself in the research, production and diffusion of microelectronics products for security, gradually enlarging its organisation and workforce.

BEA’s interlocutors today all consist of large clients, including Governments and Public Authorities in some fifteen countries distributed across 5 continents.

Since April 2007 BEA is part of Cross Security Group.


Knowledge: experience, listening, confidentiality, integrity, transparency.

Imagination: innovation, intuition, sharing, global vision, energy.


To design, manufacture and supply exclusive highly personalised latest generation technological products and services to public and private bodies involved in servicing individuals and the community at large.


To be a trustworthy and competent technological partner capable of responding to increasingly specific global demand for security.